How I voted on Brexit this week

A number of you have contacted my office wishing to know how I voted on Brexit.

I voted in support of the Prime Minister's deal.  Though not perfect, I was disappointed that the deal did not pass as it has seriously reduced the chance of us leaving the EU on March 29th with a deal.  I want to leave the EU with a deal as this would bring about security and assurances for residents, businesses and ex-patriots.

However, I also wanted to vote to ensure that we still have an option to leave on March 29th, even if that is without a deal.  In the subsequent votes I voted to keep no deal on the table and voted no to an extension of Article 50. 

The people of Tamworth voted for us to leave the EU and I will continue to vote to ensure that happens, as promised on March 29th 2019.

Chris Pincher MP Campaigning for Vote Leave in 2016