HGVs in Harlaston

One of the recurring themes at a recent village surgery was HGVs passing through Harlaston, despite there being signage in place restricting the vehicles from accessing certain roads.

It is clear that the County Council's Highways team are aware of the problem as they are regularly carrying out repairs in the area because of the damage caused.  Some of these repairs have been poor and I will be raising the quality of the repairs and wasted money with the team.   An example was the bridge, often being clipped by large vehicles but the repair left gaps.

Bridge in Harlaston

The police are also visiting the area and appear to be logging the vehicles, so I will be pressing them on what action has been taken once the vehicles have been logged. 

Harlaston is a small village and some of the roads have no footway for pedestrians, it's also a popular area for cyclists.  The narrow lanes can make it challenging for vehicles to pass each other and so HGVs on the road make it particularly dangerous. 

I will keep plugging away on this issue to encourage commercial drivers to act more responsibly when passing through the village.