Government inspector to decide Arkall Farm fate

The Government have 'called in' the application for land north of Ashby Road, otherwise known as Arkall Farm, following a request from local MP Christopher Pincher.

The development for over 1000 houses was approved by Lichfield District Council's planning committee in early March. The decision to approve the application received heavy criticism due to its location and fears that the new homes will put strain on Tamworth's infrastructure and the Council will not receive any financial benefit.

The application has been "called in" meaning that local residents have another chance to put their reasoned arguments against the scheme to the planning inspector, who will judge the application solely on its planning merit. No development can take place whilst this process is underway and it will take some time.

Local Tamworth MP Christopher Pincher said:

"I am very pleased that Sajid Javid has agreed to my request to call in this proposal for further review.

"I think most of us accept that there is a demand for more housing in the West Midlands and Staffordshire and that Lichfield District Council needs to build more and good homes for local people. However, it is important the infrastructure – roads, schools and services – can all cope and I am not convinced that the impact north of Tamworth has been properly considered.

"I hope very much that you will use this opportunity to make clear your own views as this is a crucial stage of the decision making process. If you would like to continue to receive updates on this application then please do let me know, though please be aware that from early May Parliament will be dissolved and there will be no House of Commons until June 8th so correspondence will necessarily be delayed."