The future of our local CAB

There has been a lot of confusion about the future of the Citizen's Advice Bureau service whcih currently operates from within the Tamworth Borough Council buildings on Lichfield Street.

I am pleased to inform you that following intervention from Tamworth Borough Council, Citizens Advice South Derbyshire and City are due to continue the Tamworth service.  The Mid Staffordshire Citizens Advice service was due to close at the end of this month, however with the South Derbyshire team stepping in, residents should see and see close too little to no change.  

When residents first heard the service was to close, a number of you contacted me to raise your concerns. Like many of you, I was saddened to see the service under threat, and having provided an excellent role it was vital that something was done. I am strongly encouraged by the leadership at Tamworth Borough Council especially from Cllr Danny Cook and Cllr Stephen Doyle who have secured this service until 2020.

The Borough Council team have got on with sorting this out without fuss and delay, even when they had no control over the proposed closure. This means they have facilitated a smooth transition into the new provider. This is good news for Tamworth.

If you need help or support from the Citizen's Advice Bureau, give them a call on 01827 305850.