Funding for paramedics

While much of the media has had a focus on Boris Johnson's plans to hire more doctors and nurses, we all know there are far more people who help to make up the NHS.

That is why I was pleased to hear that for the first time paramedic students will benefit from additional NHS funding while at university.  The funding will be provided on top of any existing support, including student loans. 

Not only paramedics but a whole list of other new and continuing students will also benefit including those in dietetics, dental hygiene, occupational therapy, operating department practitioners, orthotics, physiotherapists, podiatrists, radiographers, midwives, speech therapists and many more sectors of health care. 

This money (£5k for most students) will not need to be paid back and there may be extra payments such as money towards childcare, additional funds for those studying in areas that are facing recruitment issues and if they are studying a shortage specialism.

I am pleased this funding has been set in place, it will not only help to encourage people to take the step into shortage areas of healthcare, like disability nursing and speech therapy but also help ensure the best and brightest continue to be recruited in areas like radiography, midwifery and paramedic work.