Free Period Products In Schools

Free period products are being made available to all schools and colleges across England to help break down stigmas and to ensure that no girl feels the need to skip lessons due to their period. 

Schools can now order goods through the PHS Group making products readily available for young people.  We know it has not been easy for everybody to access period products where and when they are needed, so this scheme is designed to help young people go about their daily lives without getting caught short if they have left home without products or cannot afford the products they need. 

Each school will also receive guidance on how they can support campaigns to break the stigma around periods and raise awareness of menstruation.  All young people will now learn about living healthy lives including menstrual wellbeing. 

This project is not taking away from the Tampon Tax Fund it is entirely separate but I feel it is a great scheme to help young people focus on their education, rather than worrying about their period.