Free app for young adults with SEND & adults with dementia

During the Covid19 outbreak, some of the regular sessions people have been used to attending for basic activities like learning how to cook are no longer taking place. 

Today the mobile phone and tablet app - AutonoMe has released a slimmed down version to support people during the Covid19 outbreak.

The app is aimed at helping people become more independent by teaching them how to do basic tasks, it could be learning how to cook a curry, make a cup of tea or mop the floor.

The app is designed to work with those who support the person - so carers, support workers and family members can check in, see what activities are proving easy to complete and where a little more help is needed. The app also shows the same instructions, no matter which support worker is helping out - so people learn consistently. nbsp; It's a confidence builder which is helping many people transition to more independence.

So I hope the free version can help some of you out!

To find out more or to get the app - visit the site below


Or if you're a carer - take a closer look at how the app has helped people here