The first 7 days of the defib campaign

During summer recess I have launched a ‘Defib-A-Day’ campaign to highlight a number of defibrillator sites across Tamworth and the surrounding villages and to raise awareness to local residents about their locations and how to use them.

The campaign is in partnership with ‘Tamworth Have A Heart’ run by Keith Dawson and chaired by our town Mayor Richard Kingstone. The MP’s August campaign aims to raise awareness and hopefully encourage more defib units across our towns and villages.

I recently met with Cardiac Risk in the Young and to see the effects of heart defects can have on young people got me thinking on how we can help support Tamworth’s population across all heart issues. It sadly brushes many peoples families and if we can continue to increase the number of defibrillator sites or urge more young people to get screened then I will work to do that. So every single day in August I will be highlighting different Defibrillator sites across our town and villages, in our papers, on my website and on my social media. I urge residents to share these so we all know where help can be found in the rare situations that it is required.

If you would like to get involved with Tamworth Have A Heart visit -

If you are a young person wishing to be screened for heart health visit -

Defibrillators are easy to use and if you're unsure, when you call 999 and provide the details of the defib, the team will talk you through use.

Here's the first 7 days of the campaign!

August 1  Marmion House

Defibrillator outside Marmion House

Outside Marmion House - Lichfield Street

At the home of Tamworth Borough Council, the Marmion House AED has 24 Hour Public Access on the front left of the building.  It has already saved 2 lives! 



August 2  Clifton Campville Village Hall

Our defib today is based at Clifton Campville Village Hall, located on the external wall with 24 hour access. 


Clifton Campville village hall

close up of the Clifton Campville defib

Based at the Village Hall, Church Street, Clifton Campville

Do you know how a defib works?  Check out this great video from St John's Ambulance



August 3rd - Tamworth Enterprise Centre

Today’s defib is located at Tamworth Enterprise Centre, on the left-hand side of the outside wall y the Taxi Rank and bus stop with 24hr access.  Some know this building as the old Philip Dix Centre, it now houses tonnes of new and on the rise local businesses, offers meeting rooms, shared space and mailboxes for any local entrepreneur.

outside the phillip dix centre

near the taxi ranks on corporation street

The Defib at the Tamworth Enterprise Centre, Corporation Street, Tamworth, near the Assembly Rooms.

Calling all business owners!  Have your staff been trained in First Aid?  Could your business install a defib?  Studies show immediate delivery of CPR and an AED shock in under 3 minutes can bring survival rates up to 90%. 

If you are a business looking to install a defib Tamworth Have a Heart can offer advice and support.



August 4th - Edingale Village Hall

Day 4 of my Defib a Day campaign takes us back out into the rural areas of our constituency.  This defib can be found at Edingale Village Hall, on the right hand side of the main entrance, with 24 hour access.  Another AED can be found on Main Rd, Edingale, opposite the Black Horse.

Defib at Edingale Village Hall

close up of the defib in edingale

Defib based at the village hall, Main Road, Edingale

The British Heart Foundation gives 4 steps you should take if someone is having a cardiac arrest:

1. Call 999

2. Start CPR

3. Ask someone to bring a defibrillator if there is one nearby

4. Turn the defibrillator on and follow the instructions


They are safe, easy to use and save lives.



August 5th - Philip Howard Opticians

Day 5 of Defib a Day takes us back into the town centre, to Philip Howard in Tamworth.  This defib is located on the front wall of the shop and is 24 hour access.  This particular defib was kindly donated by Tamworth Lions.

Close up of the defib at the opticians

This defib is situated on Market Street, Tamworth

Philip Howard Opticians on Market Street in Tamworth town centre, near to the Castle and Ankerside.  There's usually a gorilla keeping watch...

For more information about local defibs in our constituency and beyond, visit Tamworth Have A Heart’s website where they have a map of local defibs.  If you have an onsite defib which isn’t marked on the map do let the team know!



August 6th - Hints Village Hall

Whether you’re after a BBQ or a car show, Hints Village Hall has some wonderful events this summer! 

They also have another lifesaving Public Access Defib on the front external wall, to the right of the main entrance.

the defib at Hnts Village hall

The front of Hints Village Hall

The defib is outside the village hall in Hints, on School Lane

If you are interested in installing a public access defib in your community Tamworth Have A Heart can provide advice and support to get you on your way.



August 7th - Tamworth Snowdome

Day 7 of Defib a Day and it’s one of the unique places that brings people from all over to visit Tamworth Snow Dome!  They have staff trained in First Aid and a lifesaving AED, available during opening times inside the building. 

The Defib is inside the Snowdome near to the gym

The defibrillator inside Tamworth Snowdome

The defib inside Tamworth Snowdome, Riverdrive, Tamworth

The building is open from 7am until 11pm for gym access, the attraction itself opens from 9am.  So whether you're active in the gym or braving the ski slope the support is there if you need it.

Across the road Strykers bowling in NAMCO Funscape has a 24hr Access AED on the right hand side of the main entrance.


I'll come back with some more next week but keep checking my social media for daily updates!