February's Casework Statistics

Each month my office produces a summary of casework dealt with on behalf of constituents.  For those interested below is a little breakdown of the types of issues crossing my desk.

Hot topics this month housing - a number of residents raising concerns over somebody homeless in the local area and numerous residents raising concerns about planning for a new development in Coton Green.

This was closely followed by residents with concerns about car crime and what future council tax bills may hold.

The news about Shamima Begum also prompted interest in what should be done with foreign fighters who wish to return.

February MP casework topics


From a campaign point of view, I saw many campaigns on the future of agriculture after Brexit, animal sentience and trophy hunting. NHS waiting targets was also a topic of interest.

february campaign statistics


If you are a constituent of mine and you have a problem which you think I can assist with, please contact my office on 01827 312778 or email Christopher.pincher.mp@parliament.uk