Electric cars and OLEV

Electric cars are the new technology, everybody seems to be investing or considering a purchase to reduce the impact their travelling has on both noise and air quality.

Locally we have a company who is helping electric cars get off the ground - Mr Electric. 

The business is one of the first in the country to attain the Office for Low Emission Vehicles accreditation (OLEV) which allows them to both install and apply for grants for Electronic Vehicle charging points across the West Midlands.

Working for both the public and private sector, Mr Electric hare committed to providing a charging points to support the growing demand for electric cars.

It was great to visit their premises and gain a better insight as to how they are helping customers across the region become greener.  Be it property developers, businesses or residents wishing to make an installation, Mr Electric is helping them revolutionise travel.  They also maintain the charge points with a team of experienced electricians available on-call 24/7.

The Government has introduced a number of measures to support electric cars by improving access and availability to charge points including making them available at all motorway service stations, large petrol stations and we are now considering whether housing developments should be installing charge points as standard.

The statistics show that more and more electric cars are coming on to the roads so it is important that infrastructure keeps up. It is fantastic to know a company in Tamworth is leading the way in driving forward the green transport revolution.

For more information on Mr Electric visit www.mr-electric.co.uk/birmingham-north/