Crime surveys in Spital ward

This week more crime surveys are being delivered to Spital Ward residents by Cllr Rob Pritchard and the Conservative team.

The survey put together by myself and Rob is not only helping us identify local crime problems, with feedback being shared with the police but also letting me know where residents want to see more police.

Boris Johnson has committed to 20,000 more police officers and is keen to hear where they are needed, so if you receive a survey through the door, please provide your feedback on both local and national policing priorities.

Join the police


For those interested in the recruitment, both Staffordshire Police (our local force) and West Midlands Police (our neighbouring force) are recruiting, you can find out more at

Our police are the best in the world. They protect our people and communities and this government will ensure they are well resourced so they can tackle the crime on Britain’s streets.

By bolstering the police’s ranks we can help our dedicated officers tackle crime, protect communities and be a force for all.