Covid19 testing expanded

From today, Coronavirus testing has been extended further to protect our most vulnerable and keep people safe.

Every day we are ramping up capacity to meet our goal of 100,000 tests - and our ultimate aim is that anyone who needs a test will be able to have one.

  • Anyone displaying symptoms who is aged over 65 and their immediate household can now be tested.


  • People who have to leave their home for work can book a test online now – and so can their household.


  • The NHS can now refer patients who are at home self isolating forward for tests. Speak to your GP.


  • Testing has also been extended to all NHS and social care staff, care home residents and workers regardless of if they display symptoms of the virus or not.  This means whole care homes can now be tested for Covid19.

This new expansion of testing, made possible due to rapidly increasing testing capacity, will help protect our most vulnerable, our healthcare staff and keep people safe.  We will continue to do what we can to expand testing.

You can self refer if you fit one of the categories by completing the form online at testing re-opens each day.  Care homes and NHS will be given advice for testing accordingly. 


Steps are also being taken to bring all NHS services back to normal, this means carrying out some of the elective operations which were cancelled, re-starting treatment pathways and continuing to carry out checks.  The NHS will be in touch with patients with further information.  This is being carried out on a regional basis, so areas and hospitals with low or no Covid19 patients will begin first, expanding as suitable. 

Finally for those with an interest - our local CCG has done a brief podcast about some of the work they have been carrying out to set up testing stations.  Take a listen to the video above!