Coronavirus Scams Warning

The coronavirus outbreak has brought out the best and the worst in people.  Many residents in Tamworth and the villages have come together to help each other out, identify and support the most vulnerable, donate to groups like Support Staffordshire and Tamworth Self Isolation Group, put their name forward to help the NHS and taken steps to continue backing local business despite it having to adapt to home-delivery.

Sadly some people have been doing what they can to take advantage of the situation.  The rise in coronavirus scams has been unbelievable.  From people mimicking the Government's text message to 'impose fines' (we will fine those who flout the rules but not over text message!), to fake test kits being sold online to door-to-door people taking cash for groceries and never

Please be mindful of scams.  Action Fraud have put together some information on the scams going around which you can read here but if you spot anything new and want to raise awareness, please report it to Action Fraud on 0800 123 2040. 

If any local or door to door issues are arising, please let the police know on their Facebook , the 101 service or through their online reporting service.  Police are stepping up their foot patrols and engagement with known vulnerable residents.


In the meantime if you need help as a business or a resident, all the latest advice from the Government and the NHS can be found at