Chris Welcomes New Pothole Funding

Chris has welcomed new funding for Staffordshire that will see more money than any other county in the West Midlands used for the repair and maintenance of roads.  

In the recent Budget the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced a £420 million nationwide package that will see Staffordshire receive £9 million for the upkeep and repairing of its roads. This is on top of the £38 already allocated for this year. 

In total, the West Midlands is set to receive an additional £43 million.  

Commenting on the announcement, Chris said: 

“I am incredibly happy that Ministers have heard the views of Staffordshire colleagues and myself that have been pushing for more funding for road maintenance and repair this coming year – particularly around pot holes. 

“The ‘Beast from the East’ followed by a scorching summer has put our roads through unprecedented stress and they have paid the price. 

“I’m glad to see that these problems have been taken very seriously by the Government and I will continue to ensure that Tamworth sees its fair share of the funding.”