Changes to Universal Credit over Christmas

The Secretary of State for Department of Work and Pensions has confirmed that in the run up to Christmas the DWP should be ensuring that anybody who makes a claim for Universal Credit knows who to contact and what support is available.

For anybody making a new claim for Universal Credit, advances of up to 100% are available.  All advance payments are paid within 3 working days with payments to those in immediate need made on the same day.  Applications for Universal Credit can be made online, over the phone or inside the Job Centre throughout the festive period.  Re-payments can then be discussed with your Job Centre coach.

For those who are working with a new claim for Universal Credit, some would have two monthly paydays in December, which will not affect the continuity of a claim if the below actions are followed:

With thanks to the Financial Secretary to the Treasury we have worked with HMRC and employers to ensure that they are aware of the actions they need to take to reflect an employee’s earnings. This will ease the reporting burden on claimants so that the amount they receive is not reduced.

Where this hasn’t happened a claimant should reapply within 7 days to ensure no reduction in what they receive. Re-application requires claimants to update existing information; this can be done by confirming a reclaim in their online account, or by calling the DWP Freephone number 0800 328 5644.

For those with regular claims, the payment schedule over Christmas is as follows:

Unviersal Credit Payment Dates