Changes to Covid19 restrictions

It has been nearly two months since the Prime Minister addressed the nation to impose restrictions on movement to help us all try to curb the transmission of Covid19.

The intervention worked, the NHS was not overwhelmed, the Nightingale overflow Hospitals have had limited numbers of patients and transmission appears to be reducing.  Last night the Prime Minister addressed the nation again to confirm that restrictions are now beginning to change.  You can view his speech in the video above.

Many of you do want to see a swift change so we can get back to normal but I am afraid that any lifts to restrictions will be slow, will be monitored and adjusted as science and evidence dictates as this is the way we keep the transmission rate low whilst moving back to normality.

Throughout the week more information on the practicalities will be shared and this again will be amended on a regular basis as more people move back into work.  However you can see below a brief outline of how the Prime Minister intends to move forward.

Restriction plan

You may recall the Prime Minister caught the disease himself and is still in recovery after spending time in an intensive care unit.  He wants to do all he can to prevent this happening to others, whilst recognising that we do need a strong economy for our well being and to keep the NHS functioning well. 

While the current proposed changes means no racing to the pub or pizza place, no dropping the kids off at school and no coffee dates with your colleagues, it is progress in the right direction.  Please do your best to continue following guidelines, staying alert to social distancing, indicators of sickness and your hygiene and move forward, slowly, carefully and safely.  

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To view the Prime Minister's Roadmap take a look at the link below