Cemeteries in Tamworth to re-open

Over the past few weeks our local cemeteries have been closed, this was in line with the Government guidance to help prevent unnecessary socialising.

I know many local people, particularly those who have lost someone dear to them, felt in a difficult position, unable to mourn and pay their respects.  I raised this with the Minister and the Government has changed their stance on cemetery access. 

All of the cemeteries across Tamworth which are run by the Council have now reopened but the Council and Police will continue to monitor the sites, particularly to prevent people committing anti-social behaviour or to flout the social distancing rules. 

Cemeteries are a place of respect, there is no reason for anybody to be taking drugs, holding picnics, running circuit training sessions or climbing over the tombstones.  This kind of behaviour is not tolerated day to day and certainly will not be tolerated during the Covid19 outbreak.

All of Tamworth's parks and green spaces remain open so if you do need to exercise outdoors there is ample space to do this.  Socialising in big groups, congregating outdoors and taking drugs are simply not acceptable.  Please respect the rules and respect our cemeteries.  Under the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 it is an offence to create nuisance or disturbance in a cemetery, this includes playing games and sports. 

These are challenging times for everyone, in particular those who have recently lost a loved one due to the Covid19 outbreak, so please, please allow grieving families to pay their respects and bury their loved ones with dignity and peace.

If you are bored and needing some ideas, take a look at the activities page or try somewhere new on your daily outdoor exercise session.