Westminster News

Parliament approves acceslerated degrees

Parliament has approved legislation to support the expansion of two-year and other accelerated degrees.  This will give students starting university from 2019 more choice than ever before.

Tenant Fees Bill

The Tenant Fees Bill passed it's final reading today in the House of Commons so it will soon gain Royal Asset and become an Act.

Help to Save

The Help to Save Scheme launched in September of last year, so far around 80,000 people have joined the scheme but around 3.5 million are eligible.

Supporting Domestic Abuse Victims

Today the Government has published  ground breaking domestic abuse bill to support victims and their families and do more to pursue offenders.

Reforms to food labelling

Following the tragic death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse who suffered an allergic reaction shortly after eating a sandwich at Pret A Manger, the Government has been working with food manufactures, eateries and heath bodies to ensure that labels are clearer and more consistent.

New powers to tackle knife crime

The Government have been looking to enhance police powers to tackle violent crime. We are now seeking to amend the Offensive Weapons Bill to introduce Knife Crime Prevention Orders.

New projects for care leavers

New projects have been launched to improve the education and training of young people leaving care, helping them make a transition into independent life.

Pensions cold calling ban

Many local residents and even myself have been subject to cold calls, the Government is continually tightening regulation around this issue and today the cold calling ban on pensions comes into effect.

Assistance for forces members

Former service men suffering from PTSD and other mental health illnesses will now be prioritised for social housing under new proposals published today.