Westminster News

Brexit update - GE on the way

Yesterday the Prime Minister brought forward a Bill for a General Election to be held on the 12th December.  He did this so we can elect a new Parliament and get Brexit done so that the country can move on.

UK Sausage Week

It is UK sausage week, a time to kick off your meals with a bang-er! The week is aimed at promoting local butchers, farmers and retailers who champion the sausage.

Air cadets visit Parliament

Today I had the pleasure of hosting the local air cadets on their visit to Parliament.

It was Brilliant to welcome the 1122 Marmion Sqn to Westminster.  They started their day by meeting Colonel Bob Stewart, who is MP for Beckenham.

Boris explains why he has called for a GE

Watch Prime Minister Boris Johnson explain why we need to get Brexit done so we can move forward as a country either with this Parliament or with a new one - chosen by you, the voters


Orkambi on the NHS

NHS England has today announced it has secured a definitive agreement with Vertex Pharmaceuticals to make available all three of their United Kingdom-licensed cystic fibrosis medicines. 

Brexit - what happens next

Last night I voted to back the Prime Minister's deal.  I feel it is time to come together, get Brexit done and move on as a country.

The Bill won the vote (329 to 299) and is set to move onto further scrutiny.

Zero Emission Car Consultation

Yesterday saw the launch of a new DfT consultation on zero emission vehicles.

The Government hopes that more will invest in electric and other zero emission cars and is looking into ways to nudge drivers into opting for better when purchasing their next car.

Brexit update

It has been a busy few weeks on the Brexit front and I know the matter can be confusing, so I hope to provide a little more clarity for you.

Today MPs will have an opportunity to respect the result of the referendum, take back control and get Brexit done in an orderly and friendly way.

Saturday's votes

On Saturday I attended Westminster with the full intention of voting for a Brexit Deal. It was disappointing that once again, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP voted to stop Brexit - going against the democratic will of the British people AGAIN.

A New Brexit Deal

We have got a great new Brexit deal that takes back control - now Parliament should get Brexit done on Saturday  so we can then focus on the people’s priorities including the cost of living, the NHS, violent crime and the environment.