Grants and Funding - March

Here's some of the latest grants and funding pots up for grabs which could help your projects get off the ground.  If at any point you need a letter of recommendation, let me know what you are trying to achieve and I will do my best to help.

Casework Report - February

This month has certainly been a little unusual when it comes to casework.  The weather has not helped! However I wanted to provide some information about the cases crossing my desk throughout February.

Casework Report - January

Now that I have been re-elected, I wanted to get back to providing monthly casework reports.  It helps local people gain a better insight about the topics that residents are raising with me throughout the month.

View From the House - Jan 31st

I am writing this edition of View From The House whilst still in Westminster.  It is January 31st and along The Mall and all around Parliament Square Union flags are proudly flying on our last day in the EU.  By the time you read this our 47-year membership of the European Union will have come to

Grants and Funding - January

Now I am back in my role as MP, I took a brief look at the some of the funding pots available which may help local residents.  So take a look and see if any can help you launch your project.


Thank you for your support!

I would like to thank the people of Tamworth and surrounding villages for supporting me in the recent election.

Thank you especially to the Returning Officer, elections team and local police who helped ensure we could all cast our votes and that election day ran smoothly.

Casework Report - October

This is my last casework report under the current Parliament as I expect Parliament will dissolve next week for a General Election.

Grants and Funding - October

Every month I try to provide a list of grants and funding opportunities which may benefit people and groups in Tamworth.  Here's this month's fundraising list.


Casework Report - September

I was not one of those MPs who took a holiday over the summer period, instead I used the time to not only get to grips with my new role in as Minister in the Foreign Office but to catch up on constituency casework.

The big topics this month were a little different to the usual.

Grants and Funding - September

In my role I am made aware of a lot of funding opportunities and feel it is worthwhile sharing them with the local community.  Here's some of the latest ones which have crossed my desk, I hope that some are able to help you with your projects and schemes.