The Withdrawal Agreement: My View

You will not be surprised to learn that I have received a vast amount of correspondence from residents in Tamworth over the last few weeks about the B word - the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.   

View from the House - 30th Nov

It’s no surprise that Brexit dominated most of the activity again in Parliament this week. However, there were also a lot of other debates and laws which continue to take place. Just because we are dealing with Brexit the day-to-day business of Government must continue.

View from the House - 23rd November

HELLO and welcome to my weekly View from the House for Tamworth Informed.

Of course, it would be impossible to write again without mention the ‘B’ word and I do apologise for bombarding you once again on news that we have moved forward in the negotiations.

View from the House - 9th November

This weekend, we will mark 100 years since the end of the First World War, one of the most significant moments in our nation’s history. There are services all across Tamworth and its villages so do please make it down to your nearest one.

View from the House - 2nd Nov

This week I was really pleased to have helped host the Celebration of Staffordshire in Parliament on Tuesday.

View from the House - 26th Octoer

Firstly, I want to mention that on Wednesday I launched my Christmas card competition – I know, far too early to think about that!

View from the House - 19th Oct

Figures released this week show that as youth unemployment has halved since 2010, the unemployment rate remains at its lowest since 1975, and wages have grown at their fastest in nearly a decade, helping families have more money in their pockets.

View from the House - 14th Sept

Before I begin updating you about the week in Westminster, I would just like to say thank you to the team behind the Radio Tamworth awards that put on such a wonderful event last Saturday.