Interest only mortgages

I recently heard from UK Finance, the collective voice for the banking and finance industry and a number of mortgage lenders about how they are working to help raise awareness of the options available to constituents who are coming to the end of their interest only mortgages.

Sickness & Disability benefits

If you have fallen ill and require additional support there are a number of benefits you may be eligible to receive.

Universal Credit - Support for low incomes

A number of residents contact me if their circumstances have changed and they need to see what benefit support is out there now that their income is lower.  This could be due to a change in job role, an accident or deterioration in health or a sudden relationship breakdown.

Visit to Ascott Analytical

Last week I visited local company Ascott Analytical Equipment Ltd.  The company manufacturers corrosion test cabinets primarily for the automotive and aerospace industries.

Assistance for carers

Becoming a carer for somebody you love can be a challenging time, there's a lot to learn, there's often family and financial pressure and you do not always know where to turn.

I hope the advice below can help any local carers seek the support they may need.

Benefits for carers

Parking Tickets - How To Dispute Them

Sometimes residents make contact with me to dispute a parking ticket, whilst I am not the best person to help with this battle I will do my best to assist where I can.

There are however some steps that you can take if you have received a parking ticket which you believe is unfair.

Chris Joins Dance Class with NRG Dance Crew

On Friday 12th October Chris visited the NRG Dance Crew in Tamworth to see their new facility and hear from the young people where dance is so important to their lives. 

Pavement Parking and Guide Dogs

During Party Conference I had the opportunity to speak with the charity Guide Dogs UK  about the challenges pavement parked cars create for blind and partially sighted people, who may have to risk their safety by walking into the road just to get by.