Casework Report - September

I was not one of those MPs who took a holiday over the summer period, instead I used the time to not only get to grips with my new role in as Minister in the Foreign Office but to catch up on constituency casework.

The big topics this month were a little different to the usual.

Stats for September

Business was a big one, primarily because I was encouraging pubs to participate in the Parliamentary Pub of the Year campaign.  It was great to see so many people nominating their favourite pub and all the reasons why.  It was also great to hear from some of the pubs directly to follow up on concerns they have about business, planning and of course taxes on alcohol.

Flooding queries were high this month, following the very heavy rainfall we received, it is clear that work needs to be carried out on a number of the roadside drains across the town.  Flooding near the Robert Peel Hospital, the arches on Glascote Road and some of the residential areas across Tamworth is something I would like to see avoided in the future.  Here's hoping that Staffordshire County Council and Severn Trent can make some real progress before the winter weather sets in.

The George Bryan Centre was also a topic of interest, with public engagement sessions happening this month and next, I hope as many local people will participate and give their views on how they would like to see the site progress.

There were also a number of queries about the future of the vacant seat scheme, some of the buses serving our area are not suitably adapted for wheelchair use and so can no longer participate in the scheme. This was a bit of an unintended consequence which I hope can be resolved but it is important that all bus operators are considering accessibility and making changes for the future.  Public transport should be inclusive for all.

There was an increase in HMRC queries in relation to changes in the construction industry, I am pleased to say that changes have been delayed so give businesses ample opportunity to prepare.  I will continue to engage with Ministers and HMRC to ensure future changes to policy are not issued at short notice to businesses.

Finally there were a number of queries about what took place in the Supreme Court and whether the Prime Minister had committed a criminal offence.  This is not the case.

Campaigns in September


On the campaign front there were a number of campaigns about the future of the NHS in the event of a no deal Brexit and whether the NHS would be 'sold' to the United States.  Let me confirm, the NHS is not for sale

There were a number of campaigns about party leadership and whether Boris Johnson was the right outcome in the leadership elections.  I still stand firmly behind him as Prime Minister.

A number of campaigns about prorogation were also issued. In particular about whether or not it was right for the Prime Minister to have suspended parliament.  The people who contacted me were largely backing the Prime Minister's decision, feeling that some action needed to be taken to not only set a new course for Government by way of a Queen's Speech and to re-focus on delivering Brexit by October 31st.

Brexit was of course a big topic and a few constituents asked me to try and meet with the Children's Society at Conservative Party Conference - I will certainly do my best!

As ever if you have a local or national query, please do send it through to me and I will do my best to assist.