Casework Report - May

Every month my office produces a summary of casework that my team and I deal with on behalf of constituents.  For those who are interested in what is crossing my desk, below is a break down of the types of issues I saw in May.

Popular topics this month have been housing, in particular banding for council tax.  It seems a number of properties in the area have been rebanded by the VOA, not all in a welcome way. I continue to raise individual concerns with them.

Transport has been another big issue, most notably bus services from Dosthill to Kingsbury School.  I am liaising with Diamond Buses, parents and Staffordshire County Council on solutions to the changes in the prices of fares.

Some concerns raised about an increase in car thefts and anti social behaviour in Stonnall, this is being followed up by the police. 

Other interesting topics included fines for taking children out of school early, a broken machine in the Tamworth NCP car park resulting in penalties for customers, school SATs and of course local and euro elections!

Casework in May

On the campaign side of things, many of the campaigns this month had an environmental aspect to them, from hunting and air pollution to animal welfare and climate change.  It is clear that local people want to keep green issues at the forefront of politics. 

A number of residents also raised concerns about the future of beer duty and the importance of pubs.  Dementia care was big this month, which is great because authorities across Tamworth are doing so much to raise awareness, help people with the diagnosis and their carers seek support.

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Finally a big group of residents wrote to me regarding abortion laws and their views on whether they should be repealed, increased or remain as they are. 

campaigns from May

I am always happy to hear from constituents and will do what I can to help, be it road issues and grass cutting to national politics, campaign ideas and your views on the big topics in the news.  Please contact my office on 01827 312778 if you need to get in touch with me.