Casework Report - January

Now that I have been re-elected, I wanted to get back to providing monthly casework reports.  It helps local people gain a better insight about the topics that residents are raising with me throughout the month.

This month has not been a quiet one at all,  big issues raised with me included the Mile Oak development, flooding, the CCG consultations, potholes and poor quality road repairs, Novel Coronavirus (particularly in the post), IR35 and taxes for the construction industry, litter hot spots in Stonydelph and of course Brexit preparation.

There was also an increase in queries around Child Maintenance.  I understand this stems from old service cases being closed and arrears being shared with the new teams.  Some of these arrears have been completely written off, it is certainly worth a query if you have recently received an unexpected bill.


Casework Topics in January

The campaign issues were much more varied, people wrote to me about HS2 and ancient woodland, climate change, business rates (particularly for pubs), air quality,  access to medical cannabis, cancer and Alzheimer's support and improvement in services for people with motor neurone disease.

This month I have also written to the Department of Transport raising concerns about the overcrowding again and also made a request for considered as part of the 'fares funding trial', this is a scheme which benefits people who work flexibly, allowing them to purchase cheaper season tickets based around their use.  I have also asked whether the National Cycling Network can be expanded to include Tamworth.

Campaigns in January

I pressed contacted NICE making a request to expand treatments for Cancer and Essential Tremors, both have seen some fantastic improvements in treatment and technology, I would love to see more NHS patients able to take full advantage.

As always if you think that I can help you with a topical issue or something specific to you and your day to day life, please do let me know and I will do my best to help.