Casework Report - April

Each month my office produces a summary of casework dealt with on behalf of constituents.  For those interested below is a little breakdown of the types of issues crossing my desk throughout April.

Popular topics this month have of course been Brexit, casework has focussed on very specific issues such as the future for ex-pats, businesses affected by Brexit, investment and grant funding ending and whether we will be having Euro elections.  Some have also raised concerns why the Prime Minister had sought to involve Mr Corbyn in Brexit.

Housing and planning was a popular one this month with some big decisions being made on housing estate development (which didn't pass) and given that Council Tax bills were arriving there were a number of queries about where the tax money goes.

Rail overcrowding in the morning was also raised along with queries about mobile library services which had changed their schedules this month.

April's casework topics

On the campaigns front there were a number of campaigns arriving focused on the safety of Churches and Christians, the Environment Bill and how it will affect agriculture, what steps can be taken to improve communication between the DWP, GPs and people claiming for sickness payments, Beer Duty and of course whether we will leave the EU.

There was also local concerns raised about the future of the George Bryan centre, this was mainly prompted by the news that the centre had closed down the East Wing temporarily.

campaigns during April


I will try to keep you updated again over the next months so you have some idea of the hot topics reaching my office but if you have any specific concerns be it with local or national issues, please do raise them directly with me. I will do all I can to help.