Businesses - help schools fly a flag

Business are being invited to join forces with local schools and fly a flag for our town.

The Mayor of Tamworth is encouraging local businesses and groups to join together with Tamworth schools and ‘fly a flag’ for town and country!

As part of his mayoral year, Richard Kingstone is inviting businesses to sponsor a flagpole to display in a school playground. The idea is that businesses and schools will form strong connections and also promote pride of our great country.

Flagpoles can be used not only to fly our brilliant Union Jack but to boost local civic pride and learn about our history, be it the Staffordshire Flag, Black Country Flag, Borough Flag or even the Mercians and Marmion flags.

While no longer essential for battlefields and communication, flags still have a role to play in our history, geography and sociology.

So if you are a local business who would like to get involved, visit the link below and sign up to the initiative!

It's a great initiative and it has my full support.  And just a reminder, whether you're a resident or business - if you are visiting the town centre this Saturday, the town hall is open and the Mayor is offering tours, tea and cake! So pop in and say hello, it is a building so many walk past but have never been inside.  A real treat to learn about Tamworth past and present.