The Budget 2020

Yesterday the Chancellor unveiled a Budget that delivers on our promises to the British people to level up our whole United Kingdom and spread opportunity across every community. 

•    Yesterday’s Budget delivers on our promises to the British people and gets things done. It is a Budget delivered in challenging times, that delivers security today and lays the foundation of prosperity for tomorrow.
•    Many will be worried about the impact of Covid-19 on their lives. But because the foundations of our economy are strong, today we have been able to set out one of the most comprehensive economic responses of any government anywhere in the world, to date. Though this virus will have a significant impact on our economy it will be temporary. 
•    But this is not the only challenge we face – we have just had an election where people voted for change. 

This Budget delivers our promises to the British people – it is the Budget of a Government that gets things done. We promised to:

•    Let hard working families keep more of what they earn – this gets it done.
•    Back business and innovate, invest and trade – this gets it done. 
•    Invest in science and research – this gets it done. 
•    Deliver green growth and protect our environment – this gets it done.
•    Level up, with new roads, railways, broadband and homes – this gets it done. 
•    Record funding for our NHS and public services – this gets it done. 

Yesterday's Budget is the first of this decade, the first in 50 years outside the EU and first of this government. At the election we said that we needed to be one nation, and while talent is evenly spread, opportunity is not. 

That election gave a clear verdict. Now the People’s Government is delivering a Budget which delivers on our promises to the British people – it is a Budget of a government that get things done. 

You can see all the details of the Budget online here .  It includes new measures such as the fuel duty freeze, axing the tampon tax, freezing duty on beer, spirits, wine and cider, extending the repayment dates for those in debt on UC, reducing reassessments for PIP benefit, increasing he national living wage, developing a west midlands rail hub, improving the rural phone network and more.