Brexit update - GE on the way

Yesterday the Prime Minister brought forward a Bill for a General Election to be held on the 12th December.  He did this so we can elect a new Parliament and get Brexit done so that the country can move on.

The Government does not want an election, but this Parliament has made a total mess of Brexit and without an election, this current Parliament will waste the next year on more delay, more tricky parliamentary procedures blocking Brexit and it takes attention away from some of the big issues that matter like health, education and housing.

Millions of families and businesses cannot plan for the future so the Prime Minister could not let the stagnation continue.

It was the FOURTH time that Boris Johnson had put forward a call for an election to Parliament.  After the Lib Dems and smaller parties came on board, Labour finally arrived kicking and screaming as they could no longer be seen as delaying the inevitable, whilst proclaiming on TV that they want an election.  Jeremy Corbyn was running scared from a General Election as he does not trust the people.  Every member of the Labour Party stood on a promise to deliver Brexit in this Parliament, but they have spent the last three years frustrating every step.  The public know this and now the public can have their say.

We will be making the case for the need for a functioning majority Government that breaks the Brexit deadlock and moves past the confusion, indecision and arguments that have plagued the last three years.  We have a solid deal that takes back controls of our laws, trade, money and policies.  We need to take it forward with a positive vision for the country after we leave the EU.

Our top priority remains as it always has been to get Brexit done.  We have got to get Brexit over the line and focus on the road to a brighter future for Britain.  I hope you will support me on the 12th December.


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Some questions people are frequently asking me about the election:

Will I need ID to vote?

No, while new policies are planned on introducing voter ID, they are not yet in place.  If you are on the electoral register, you can vote.  Ensure you are on the electoral register by completing the form at

What about votes for 16 year olds?

The Bill which went through last night was a simple Bill, with a simple purpose, to set the date for election to get Brexit done.  Votes at 16 was not administratively possible to implement and deliver in time.  Labour were throwing this into discussion to try and further delay any election or discussion on Brexit.

What about EU citizens?

No other EU country allows EU citizens who are not their nationals to vote in their elections.  France, Germany, Italy, Spain, not even the more liberal Belgium allows EU citizens to vote in their General Elections.  EU citizens can of course vote on any local election if they are resident in the particular area the election is being held.

Why was 12 December chosen?

This was the earliest Thursday which an election could be held that would ensure that the Election Bill could pass through both Houses of Parliament and receive Royal Assent. It is a difficult time for an election, cold nights, busy village halls, schools and churches with festive events but this was the earliest feasible date for an election.  The Labour Party had blocked all earlier attempts.

What happens with the Withdrawal Agreement Bill now?

Sadly there is no longer adequate time to pass the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.  We gave Parliament the chance to guarantee Brexit with a deal on 31st October.  Parliament voted to approve the deal but ultimately delay the implementation of the deal (again).  We gave Parliament the chance to think again on the matter, to deliver Brexit by the end of October but Parliament refused.

How do I obtain a Postal Vote?

If you pay your Council Tax to Tamworth Borough Council, you can download a postal vote form by clicking here by emailing or calling 01827 709 262

If you pay your Council Tax to Lichfield District Council, you can download a postal vote form by clicking here by emailing or by telephoning 01543 308 125.

These teams can also assist with organising proxy votes, if you are likely to be unable to personally visit a polling station on 12th December.


I hope this helps but if you have any further queries on elections, let me know and I'll do my best to assist.