Brexit update

It has been a busy few weeks on the Brexit front and I know the matter can be confusing, so I hope to provide a little more clarity for you.

Today MPs will have an opportunity to respect the result of the referendum, take back control and get Brexit done in an orderly and friendly way.

The Prime Minister has negotiated a new deal so we can leave without disruption and provide a framework for a new relationship with our European neighbours based on free trade and friendly cooperation.

I hope today that Parliament will approve the second reading of the Government's Brexit Bill and vote for it so that our country can get Brexit sorted and focus on other priorities like investing in the NHS, tackling violent crime, conserving our environment and reducing the cost of living.

It is clear from correspondence coming into my office and from the replies on the doorsteps that the people of Tamworth do not want any more delays.  It is true that the European leaders are also keen to see Brexit drawn to a close.  So today is the prime opportunity to get Brexit done and move on.

I will be backing the Prime Minister today - here is hoping the Bill can move swiftly through Parliament without any further delays.