Breast Cancer Screening at SRP

You may recall mid-way through last year the NHS made a decision to invite local residents due for a breast screening to the Queens Hospital in Burton in order to take the test.

This was because the usual placement for the mobile breast screening unit, at the Sir Robert Peel Hospital was unavailable due to work being carried out on the car park.  Though there are many car parks across Tamworth and some are emptier than others, they were not quite suitable for the mobile unit to set up for scans.

The unit is very large and heavy because it contains x-ray machines, so it needs a really sturdy concrete base.  The unit also needs amenities such as electricity and running water for the machines and patients.  At the time it was therefore easier to invite residents to the Queen's Hospital.  This ensured they did not miss any vital treatment if it was necessary.  Patients who did have to pay extra to attend or had financial difficulties could apply or support.

The Trust confirmed the unit would return to the SRP when it was next scheduled for scans in Tamworth (around 3 years away!).  The unit moves around Staffordshire on a timetable so it was not really feasible to re-schedule. 

However I am pleased to say the Trust have found a way to bring the unit back to the SRP for a short period to pick up on all those who may have missed their screening.  Invites will be sent out again to all patients who are eligible. 

Breast screening is offered every three years to women between the ages of 50 and 70.  While it is not compulsory to attend, all women are urged to attend because the scan helps pick up early signs of breast cancer.  If caught at an early stage treatment can be minimal and avoid the need for surgery.

If you are concerned about breast cancer, speak with your GP or find out more online at