Bollards back in action

The town centre is largely pedestrianised, this makes it easy for shoppers to travel, makes it a great market space a few times a week and allows those with disabilities to easily access local shops and financial institutions.

There had been complaints that a number of drivers were using the pedestrian spaces as a cut-through to avoid traffic and that some local businesses were parking vehicles despite not loading or unloading.

Staffordshire County Council have listened to your concerns and worked with Tamworth Borough Council to install a bollard system.

Now access is much more limited to vehicles.  Loading vehicles can still access the town centre in the morning and evening but must request permission if requiring access in the middle of the day. The bollards are placed at both ends of Market Street, Colehill and next to the Almhouses.

Rising bollards to prevent traffic access during busy shopping periods

These bollards will help ensure that Tamworth town centre remains a pedestrian-friendly and attractive place to shop and visit.