Belgrave Lakes - Desilting

 I know many residents enjoy a pleasant stroll along the lakeside in Belgrave but for the next few weeks you may see quite a bit of work going on.

The work is being varied out as part of Tamworth's ongoing flood management scheme.  Tamworth Borough Council and Ebsford Environmental will be de-silting the two Belgrave balancing ponds (near the A5 bypass/Birds Bush Road).  By removing the silt from the ponds as well as other debris, we will not only be better prepared for any future storms and heavy rainfall but the quality of life for the local plants and wildlife will also be improved.

This kind of work only takes place every 10 years or so and will take around 16-20 weeks to complete.  While it is messy, it is certainly very worthwhile.  Silt and debris removed from the ponds will be laid out to dry, then taken away to a recycling facility.  The silt will then be treated for any contamination and made suitable for use.  Most silt is put for re-use as topsoil, landfill caps, reclaiming mines and for other projects where land needs to be rebuilt purposefully for vegetation growth.

During the work, there will be limited parking access and so this may affect residents parking at the Exley Dance School or those making use of footpaths and cycleways near to the lakes. Access to the schools and colleges will still be open as normal.  

So while it may mean keeping the dog on a lead for a while as you wander past the lakes, rest assured this work it taking place to keep Tamworth safer from floods and greener for our local wildlife.