Backing the NFU's Home-grown Heartland Campaign

Christopher Pincher MP backs NFU’s Home-grown Heartland campaign in Westminster

Christopher Pincher, MP for Tamworth, met farmers and backed a campaign that highlights the farming, food and drink industry’s contribution to the economy, jobs, the environment and communities.

Farming in the West Midlands helps contribute around £800 million to the economy and as well as providing safe, traceable and affordable food, farmers also have a vital role managing the countryside.

The Conservative MP was at the NFU West Midlands’ reception in Westminster Hall on 11 June, sponsored by Matt Western MP, which aimed to raise the profile of the food and drink sector in the region - from those farming the raw ingredients to the product on the shelves.                              

Food produced by farmers in the countryside is integrally dependent on food manufacturing operations in more urban areas and vice versa.

The event was an opportunity for both local food and drink manufacturers and farmers to meet with MPs to explain about their business and forge or build on working relationships.

The reception in the Jubilee Room, in Westminster, was attended by more than 20 MPs and also marked the launch of the NFU’s Home-grown Heartland report that looks at the make-up of farming across the region.

The NFU West Midlands Home-grown Heartland campaign spells out the region’s importance as the country’s larder but also how farms and other agri-businesses deliver for the economy, for jobs, the environment and communities.

The campaign champions the variety of ways in which farming benefits people and communities in the region and is the bedrock for the food and drink industry, the UK’s largest manufacturing sector.


Christopher Pincher MP said:

“There are so many worthy reasons to support British farmers: they are responsible for securing our fantastic British food supply, looking after our world-renowned countryside and sustaining a dynamic rural economy.

“That is why I have pledged to support the NFU West Midlands Home-grown Heartland campaign in Westminster and to ensure our decisions in Parliament reflect the strategic importance of regional food and farming to the nation.”


Robert Newbery, NFU West Midlands regional director, added:

With a growing global population, changing dietary trends and environmental challenges, farmers and growers in the West Midlands are in a prime position to help tackle these issues.

“Our request of MPs was simple – remember us, champion us and take pride in us – farming and growing in the West Midlands region impacts on everyone’s lives and contributes to even the most urban of communities.

“As farmers, managing the environment, we care for the water you drink, the air you breathe and the views you enjoy – so it’s important that policy decisions at all levels of Government care for us and strengthen our ability to produce your food and drink.”