Anticoagulation Services - Feedback wanted

Health services across the local area are encouraging patients who have used or are currently using the local anticoagulation services to share their experiences by filling in a survey.

Usually these kinds of services are accessed through a GP or Hospital.  The reason behind wanting the feedback? The Clinical Commissioning Groups in our area are reviewing services for all patients who are prescribed anticoagulant medicines.

Anticoagulation is a big word! But to put this into easier terms, the NHS is seeking feedback on people who take treatment which prevents blood clots.  Anticoagulants are often called 'blood thinning' medicines and you may be familiar with some of the commonly prescribed medications like Warfarin, Rivaroxaban, Pradaxa, Apixaban and Edoxaban.

The Clinical Commissioning Groups will use the feedback to learn about the ways services are currently being used, their effectiveness and what can be done to improve the experience for future service users.

The service is anonymous and easy to complete so if you have the time, please consider giving your feedback.

The survey is open until the 11th October and can be found by clicking here

For carers and patients wanting a printable version of the survey you can click here to download a copy.