21 Days into our Defib A Day Campaign!

Every day for the past couple of weeks I have been highlighting defibrillator access points in and around Tamworth.  Here's the past 7 days of defibs in our area!

Day 15 - Tamworth Rugby Club 

You’ll always get a warm welcome visiting Tamworth Rugby Club. Great atmosphere every match day and our Defib Of The Day!

The defib at Tamworth Rugby Club

Close up of the rugby club defib

This defib is in Wigginton Park at the Rugby Club

Supported by the wonderful Tamworth Have A Heart, this Defib can be found on the right hand side of the function room with 24hr access.  Great to know the men and women toughing it out on the rugby fields will always have a defib at hand if required.  Near to this the Coton Arms pub also has a defib available on hand



Day 16 - The Old Crown Pub, Wigginton

Day 16 of Defib A Day takes us to the Old Crown of Wigginton.  The defib is 24 hours access.  If you want to know more about what a defib is and what it does click here

The defib is outside the old crown pub

Close up of the defib

The defib is outside the pub, 120 Main Road, Wigginton

Tamworth Have A Heart provide free training and support on both CPR and AED’s: visit their website for more information at www.haveahearttamworth.wordpress.com


Day 17 - Oceans of Tamworth

A community favourite for our fish & chips Oceans Of Tamworth not only offer responsibly sourced chippy dinners but they also have a defib. Great food, served with a smile.

The defib was sponsored by Cllr Tina Clements and is on the left hand side of their shop entrance. 24hr access!
Defib at Oceans of Tamwoeth

Defib outside Oceans Tamworth at the Exley Centre

While it may seem odd to have a defib at a place where people buy fast food, this defib was placed with the public in mind.  Cllr Clement's husband has faced heart problems and so she was only to happy to help fund a defib in her division.


Day 18 - Belgrave Sports and Social Club

Today’s Defib Of The Day is at Belgrave Sports & Social Club, located on the front left corner of the building with 24hr Access. If you want to support Tamworth Have a Heart and TAME Community First Responders be sure to sign up to their Charity Quiz night on the 27th September!

Belgrave sports and social centre defib

Belgrave Sports and Social Club defib, 301 Wilnecote Lane

Here's the event flyer for all interested in attending.

event fundraising for heart health

I hope to pull together a local Conservative team - so may see you there!


Day 19 - Wilnecote Railway Station

You probably rush past this every day on your work commute without noticing, however Day 19 brings us to Wilnecote Railway Station. Where the AED is located at the top of the steps leading to Platform 1 with 24hr Access.
Wilnecote Railway Station houses a defib

The defib above the stairs at the train station


Day 20 - Bolehall Manor Club

Today's defib takes us to Bolehall Manor Club which turned 80 this year!  This is a brilliant local venue with a whole range of events and activities for residents.

bolehall manor club

Great to see an AED on the right hand side of the bar, access to this defib is restricted to opening times.

Day 21 - The Fox Inn Pub

Another defibrillator supported by Tamworth Have a Heart as well as County Councillor Michael Greatorex, who arranged funding for the defibrillator from the Staffordshire Local Community Fund.

Our Defib Of The Day is at The Fox Inn on the left hand side of the entrance with 24hr access.

Fox Inn Dosthill

Defib at the Fox Inn, High Street, Dosthill

fox inn defib

Just a reminder if you missed my posts earlier this month, British Heart Foundation gives 4 steps you should take if someone is in cardiac arrest:
 1. Call 999
 2. Start CPR
 3. Ask someone to bring a defibrillator if there is one nearby
 4. Turn the defibrillator on and follow the instructions

They are safe, easy to use and save lives

You can see all the defibs in our local area at https://haveahearttamworth.wordpress.com/ but I will continue to highlight one a day until the end of the month!