14 days into the defib a day campaign

Every day for the past couple of weeks I have been highlighting defibrillator access points in and around Tamworth.  Here's the past 7 days of defibs in our area!


August 8th - The White Lion, Harlaston

Day 8 of Defib of the Day takes us to the White Lion Pub in Harlaston which has some delicious seasonal food! And a public access defib on the outside wall, to the right of the restaurant.

The White Lion Pub in Harlaston

The White Lion defib close up

The defib on the White Lion, Main Road, Harlaston

For people living in villages, the local pub is often the place to get together, meet neighbours and engage in community events, thankfully all the locals know where this particular defib is!


August 9th - ASDA at Ventura Park

You can find almost anything in Ventura Retail Park, but do you know where to look for a lifesaving defib? ASDA’s is accessible during business hours located at the Customer Services Desk.  Just walk in and turn left. 

M&S also has one in customer services, and Bannatynes has one in their gym. 

asda ventura park

The Defib is inside Asda on Ventura Park Road, Tamworth

As part of Defib a Day I have written to businesses to encourage them to work with Tamworth Have A Heart to install a 24 hour public access defib on an exterior wall so shoppers can access equipment regardless of where they are shopping.



August 10th - Quinney Hall, Canwell

Nestled just off Bassetts Pole Island, you may know Quinney Hall (Canwell) as a great venue for weddings, parties and dinners.  Located on the left hand side of the entrance porch, this AED has 24hr access.

Quinney Hall in Canwell

The defib in the porch of Quinney Hall, accessible 24/7

Defib at Quinney Hall, London Road, Sutton Coldfield

Why not also check out the Midlands’ largest Agricultural show, Canwell Show, today?  It’s one day only, showcasing the very best local produce, stunning displays and fun for all the family!  I attend almost every year and always have a great time.


August 11 - Tamworth Cricket & Hockey Club

Still celebrating the historical England Cricket win a few weeks back, our Defib a Day is Tamworth Cricket and Hockey Club! This defib is located right of the entrance on the gate post this defib has 24hr access.

tamworth cricket club

defib at the centre

Tamworth Cricket Club defib, Hints Road, Hopwas

For more information about defibs in our constituency and how to acquire on in your community visit Tamworth Have A Heart’s website www.haveahearttamworth.wordpress.com.


August 12 - Tamworth Railway Station

Day 12 and it’s a special day - Happy 180th Birthday to Tamworth Rail Station ? ?.

You’ll find the Defib here on the left side of the main entrance on the exterior wall.

Tamworth train station

Tamworth railway defib

The defib at Tamworth Railway Station, Victoria Road, Tamworth

It is accessible 24/7 and has been used in the past to help save lives.  Staff are familiar with the device and so can be approached if in doubt.  The team are also always happy to call for an ambulance if required.


August 13 - Fazeley Town Hall

Day 13 of defib a day brings us to Fazeley Town Hall where the defibrillator was donated by Fazeley Pharmacy and Fazeley Town Council.

This defib is accessible 24/7 and can be found on the right hand corner of the hall, near to the car park. 

Defib outside of Fazeley Town Hall

close up of the Fazeley Defib

The defib at Fazeley Town Hall just off the A4091

The defib can be used without any prior training but if in doubt, the operator on the end of your 999 call will walk you through use.  You cannot shock anybody who does not require it, the machines prevent such a problem from occurring, so there's no need to fear - help where you can.

Also in the area there is a defib outside the Drayton Manor Cricket and Social Club.



Day 14 - Drayton Manor Theme Park

Families from far and wide love Drayton Manor Park.  It’s their summer of fun – a great day out to enjoy some varied thrills and attractions from rollercoasters to Meerkats!  It’s also one of the most Heart Safe places in Tamworth with 8 Defibs throughout the Park.

Drayton Manor Park

Interestingly some of the defibs have been used and have saved lives! Not just with the thrill seekers but with staff too.  It is fantastic to know that mobile defibs are on site and can be deployed when needed, keeping people alive.

Please do all you can to support my partner in this project - Tamworth Have a Heart! You can donate, make suggestions, get your businesses involved and view the full map of defibs at https://haveahearttamworth.wordpress.com/