Pensions cold calling ban

Many local residents and even myself have been subject to cold calls, the Government is continually tightening regulation around this issue and today the cold calling ban on pensions comes into effect.

Assistance for forces members

Former service men suffering from PTSD and other mental health illnesses will now be prioritised for social housing under new proposals published today.

Training more social workers

Today the Education Secretary announced plans to train 900 new children's social workers.  These social workers will be helping to support some of the most vulnerable children and families in the United Kingdom.

NHS 10 Year Plan

This week the Government has launched a 10 year plan for the NHS. It aims to change the delivery of health care across the country.

Grants and Funding List - January

Here are some grants and funding which may be helpful to you and your project this year.


HS2 Community & Environment Fund & HS2 Business & Local Economy Fund and Groundwork UK