Proxy votes for MPs

A few weeks ago a number of residents wrote in to me concerned that Labour MP Tulip Siddiq for Hampstead and Kilburn felt that she had to delay her caesarean for two days in order to vote in the Brexit deal debate last month.

Mental health and debt changes

When you are struggling with mental health concerns, sometimes paying bills and managing paperwork is incredibly difficult.  For patients who require support from charities or need to write directly to their creditors, often paperwork confirming diagnosis from a GP is required.

Meeting with the NFU

On Friday it was good to sit down with the local National Farmers Union branch at The Strawberry Cabin and have a chat about the future of agriculture around Tamworth. Thank you to those who came and I hope to follow up on the issues they raised in the upcoming weeks.

Award to recognise your carer

People from all over Staffordshire are being invited to nominate their carers, work colleagues, friends and family members for the Staffordshire Dignity in Care Awards.

ID cards for veterans

A new ID card aimed at helping armed forces veterans gain access to specialist help and support has started to be issued.

Tornado flypast in the constituency

Keep your eyes to the sky - the Tornado is passing through the constituency as part of it's farewell flypast today. The tour across the UK marks 40 years of RAF service.

Autism training for health and care staff

The Government wants to know how we can make sure that health and social care staff have the right training to understand the needs of people with a learning disability or autism and make reasonable and effective adjustments to support them.

Veteran Aware Hopsitals

Looking after our veterans is important, that is why I am so pleased that one of our local hospital trusts is part of the first 25 NHS Trusts which has been accredited as exemplars of the best care for veterans, helping to ensure those who serve or have served in the UK armed forces and their fam

Overhauling the Waste System

The Environment Secretary and Chancellor have confirmed that they plan to overhaul the waste system demonstrating our commitment to leave the environment in a better state than we found it.