Leisure during Covid19

While many of our usual leisure facilities are closed and many of you are at home binging Netflix, BBC Iplayer and Sky TV box sets, I wanted to make you aware of some of services which are offering free time over the next few months, which would ordinarily be a paid for service.

For the kids

Joe Wicks Bodycoach - free kids PE lessons 9am every day or watch the backlog online.

Connie Huq - Kids TV presenter running science, crafts and cooking videos.  Short and sweet.

Carol Vorderman's Maths Factor - fun maths lessons and quizzes for kids 

David Walliams - David Walliams reads stories for elevenses 

Maddie Moate - TV presenter provides Stay Curious sessions, live science fun you can do at home

Oti Mabuse Dance - Dance classes for kids based off Shrek, Mary Poppins, Trolls and more

StoryOnline - children's stories read by celebrities

Rosetta Stone - Free language classes aimed at kids 

NASA Kids Club - Learn and play games about space and Nasa's work

Sir Link A Lot - learn spelling with fun rhymes and songs

Crayola colouring - hundreds of printable colouring pages created by Crayola

Fender Guitar Lessons - learn to jam on your guitar at home

Ready Set Ride - learn to ride a bike in your garden, with British Cycling

Liv Cooke - Forget netflix, learn neck flips... The BBC freestyle football ace is teaching you how to do ball tricks whilst at home 

New Urban Era - continuing some of their activities online, beatboxing tricks, graffiti and art

Gog Free Games - free downloadable computer games for the next few weeks

Everyone Active - home based exercise fun and games for children and adults alike

Twycross Zoo  - how to draw animals

Tamworth Panto - a filmed version of this year's panto! Aladdin with a twist...Very fun to watch

Beginner Karate Lessons - short lessons aimed at youth which can be done at home

Easy Origami - ladybugs, jumping frogs, pelicans and more

Harry Potter at home - reading, quizzes and fun

How to draw - fun toons from animals to sonic the hedgehog

Free Coronavirus Book - an online or downloadable book about thehttps://artsandculture.google.com/ virus, illustrated by Axel Scheffler of Gruffalo fame

Parliament Game - Be an MP for a week in an online game...




Virtual Tours

Virtual tour of parliament  - see the Commons and the Lords

Buckingham Palace - tour some of the famous rooms in the Palace

Natural History Museum - videos, exhibits, tours and digital collections, even commentary from Attenborough

Paris Catacombs - explore the underground, see the skulls and bones

Google Arts and Culture - virtual tours of castles, the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Mt Fuji, museums and more

British Museum  see objects from the collection

The Louvre - See some of the exhibits from the Louvre

The National Gallery - tour of the art, has VR options available if you have a headset

The Sistine Chapel - take a look at the inside of the world's most famous chapel

The Vatican - explore the Vatican museums and some of the art exhibits

Kew Gardens - see some of the Kew garden collections

Virtual Stonehenge - take a wander and learn more about Stonehenge

NASA Langley Research Centre - tour and discover NASA's work

Sandiego Zoo - live cams from the animal enclosures

Baltimore National Aquarium - see the exhibits and animals

Tour Jerusalem - see one of the world's most visited pilgrimage destinations

National Palace Museum - China's famous space

La Galllerie Degli Uffizi - Renaissance art from Italy

Tate Modern - weekly videos of exhibits in the Tate Modern, learn the stories behind the famous art

London Zoo - webcams, zookeeper vids and behind the scenes updates




For the Adults

Everyone Staffordshire - Timetable of events to be done over the phone, bingo, book clubs, quizzes and more (or call 03330 050 095)

Calm  and Headspace - free meditation and relaxation sessions

Birdwatching Resources - Free year long membership to the British Trust for Ornithology

Dance Xchange Birmingham - Online dance classes, Ballet, Salsa, Urban, Voguing and more (insta live - need to follow) 

Les Mills Home Workouts - There's even some bodypump and bodycombat for those missing their classes

Virtual Grand Prix - For those missing the real races

Mixed Martial Arts - Tips and tutorials from Tamworth's Fight Hub

Yoga with Adriene - over 500 free yoga vids

Peaky Blinders Haircuts - for those braving a haircut at home, mens basic hair tutorials

Chris Hemsworth Fitness - Aussie star does home fitness for the next 6 weeks

Davida McCall - Own your goals, 30 membership, no payment details required.  Fitness at home

Audible Literary Classics - Listen to Kafka, Brontes, Rand and more..... Some great stories for all ages here, even mini stories for the kids

National Theatre at home - weekly shows which would normally be on at the theatre. 

MET Opera Free - Scroll to today's date and catch the free stream of opera.  One each night. An on demand service is available at cost.

Bongo Bingo - forget the clubs, they bring the music and bingo to your bedroom. Sat/Tues 8pm. Play for free using your mobile but they're encouraging NHS donations.

Introduction to virology - for those who want to learn more about viruses, try this online course

Learn MMA - some free classes on mixed martial arts and self defence

Snowdome Fitness - Short vids from the fitness team at Tamworth Snowdome

Cooking - from Miguel Barclay's £1 quick meals to Jack Monroe's cooking on a bootstrap to more traditional cooking with Delia Smith and fancy pieces from Searcy's there's plenty of online resources for cooking.

Documentary on Big Ben's Makeover - watch a short film on the work being done on Big Ben

Amigurumi - learn how to crochet characters from baby chicks to Freddie Mercury. If you need to start crochet you can learn with Sara-Jayne Fragola 

Knitting tutorials - for people with the time and the knitting gear

All Staffordshire libraries also have an e-book service, with audio books available....You can continue to socialise with Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, HouseParty and other apps

The mobile and tablet app AutonoMe is also free for the time being.  This app is aimed at people with SEND or dementia as it helps you learn or re-learn basic activities with the help of videos and QR codes.  

I asked what offline activities you guys have been doing and activities include exercise, gardening, decluttering the home, board and card games, indoor picnics, learning how to cook or make cocktails,, painting and DIY, making bird boxes, bat boxes and bug hotels, reading books and comics, writing letters to friends and family, home based spa days, learning make up and nail painting techniques, playing instruments, drawing and painting, listening to music and podcasts, researching family history, finding ways to re-use old clothes, crafts and lego, jigsaws creating tiktok videos, making window signs to cheer on keyworkers, keeping a 'lockdown diary' to look back on in the future, pet grooming and more!!

And of course if you can help out physically or even through phone befriending, please sign up to help the NHS with the GoodSAM App