Churches online during Covid19

I know for many of you, visiting a local church or religious space is incredibly important.  I know it must also be challenging to not have your regular services and pastoral support network.

Many of the local churches are providing services remotely so take a look at them listed below.  If you would like yours to be listed here throughout the outbreak let me know

Tamworth Elim Church Online - youtube sessions

 Tamworth Baptists - newsletters and skype sessions

Coton Green Church - facebook and insta sessions

St Peter's Church, Glascote - YouTube sessions

Wilnecote Church - YouTube services

St John The Baptist Church - YouTube Services

St Leonards, Wigginton - YouTube Prayers & Services

Amington Parish Church - Services, Vlogs and other videos

St Andrews, Clifton Campville - Prayers, Facebook notes and online sessions

Tamworth Spiritualist Church - support while church is closed