Supporting rural communities

I work to support rural communities and businesses.  As the MP for the constituency of Tamworth I also represent the surrounding villages so helping rural areas thrive is high on my agenda. 

I live in Shenstone, one of the larger local villages and access to post offices and public transport, maintaining quality education for all ages, speeding on the main roads and HGVs passing through residential areas are concerns of mine.  I have also been working closely with the Police and NFU to tackle rural crime on houses, farms, cars and churches.

Whether it is helping fundraise for community events, addressing rural broadband and mobile issues or fighting for better transport and access to services I will work with both local and national bodies to protect and enhance our rural communities.



Preventing Avian Flu

An Avian Influenza Prevention Zone has been declared across the whole of England to help mitigate the risk of the disease spreading. 

Staffordshire to move to Tier 2 Covid19 alert

Staffordshire will soon be moving from 'Medium' to the 'High' in the Covid19 alert levels system. Dates will be confirmed shortly but it is expected that by next week, our status will have changed. 

Staffordshire village accelerates out of the broadband slow lane

As part of the government’s commitment to roll out gigabit broadband across the UK, the Staffordshire village of Thorpe Constantine has seen a transformation in their connectivity following a grant from the Government and Staffordshire County Council.

Lichfield Garrick wins culture funding

It has not been easy for culture venues over this year, with so many being closed from March of this year, not only has the future for these well loved sites been uncertain but the staff working in and associated with have also faced fears.  Audiences all over Staffordshire have also missed the j