Supporting Great Schools In Tamworth

My colleagues in the Department for Education are committed to ensuring that everyone can have the best start in life, and go as far as their talents and hard work can take them. That is why I am pleased that in May the Government announced £50 million funding to expand the number of places at good or outstanding selective schools, which will provide greater opportunities for disadvantaged pupils. In all, 1.9 million more children are now being taught in good or outstanding schools since 2010, while the percentage of schools rated as good or outstanding has risen by 18 per cent.


UC changes to help parents

Some of you know through my correspondence that I have been lobbying the Government to improve how childcare is reported and paid for under the new Universal Credit system.

The Spending Review

Today the Chancellor set out a review on spending.  This is not a budget but an insight into a change in direction on public policy and Government spending.

Businesses - help schools fly a flag

Business are being invited to join forces with local schools and fly a flag for our town.

The Mayor of Tamworth is encouraging local businesses and groups to join together with Tamworth schools and ‘fly a flag’ for town and country!

Safeguarding Children

Staffordshire County Council has been working closely with partners across Staffordshire to change the way in which they support children and families.

Boosting early learning

Today a national campaign has been launched with ideas to boost children's learning at home or as part of every day activities.

Chris signs Youth Friendly Charter

On the 17th of June I had the pleasure of attending a drop-in session hosted by the APPG for Youth Employment where I signed the Youth Friendly MP Charter.

Signing the Charter pledges my support to five key principles of youth employment in Tamworth.

Calling teenage readers

The Summer Reading Challenge starts on 13th July. This year Staffordshire Libraries are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Summer Reading Challenge with an exciting space theme, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing, which is sure to be lots of fun for everyone

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship

For those who like to travel, applications are now open for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship.  The funding provides a life-changing opportunity to learn, travel abroad and explore a topic of your choice.  If you think you can make change happen - this is the fellowship for you.

William MacGregor School Visits Parliament

It was a delight to welcome William MacGregor Primary School to the Houses of Parliament last week.

The children learned about voting and put me through my paces with a Q&A session.  Lots of different questions asked!