Supporting Great Schools In Tamworth

My colleagues in the Department for Education are committed to ensuring that everyone can have the best start in life, and go as far as their talents and hard work can take them. That is why I am pleased that in May the Government announced £50 million funding to expand the number of places at good or outstanding selective schools, which will provide greater opportunities for disadvantaged pupils. In all, 1.9 million more children are now being taught in good or outstanding schools since 2010, while the percentage of schools rated as good or outstanding has risen by 18 per cent.


Sign up for Parliament Week

Christopher Pincher MP is calling on everyone in Tamworth and local villages to get involved in UK Parliament Week and join a United Kingdom-wide education about our democracy, people power and making change happen. 

WMCA Distance Learning with Coursera

I know the Covid19 outbreak has been a challenging time for many, particularly when it comes to work.  That's why I am pleased to see that the West Midland's Combined Authority has joined forces with Coursera the online learning platform with the aim of upskilling our local workforce.

View From the House - August

Over August, Parliament went into recess, and that means I can devote more time in Tamworth and our villages. And this August has been a busy month for many people, despite all the Coronavirus challenges!


'Topple the Racists' on the Robert Peel Statue

Robert Peel, the PM who emancipated Catholics, cut the death penalty, cut food costs and founded our unarmed Police Force. A progressive statesman; we in Tamworth are proud of him. BTW, below is wrong, you've got the wrong Peel!

Schools and Easter Holidays

The Government has announced a package of support including additional funding and resources to help schools deal with the challenges posed by coronavirus.

The Budget 2020

Yesterday the Chancellor unveiled a Budget that delivers on our promises to the British people to level up our whole United Kingdom and spread opportunity across every community. 

Primary School Expansion Approved

It's great to see that Coton Green Primary School have approved the decision to expand the school intake to a further 105 pupils.