Supporting Great Schools In Tamworth

My colleagues in the Department for Education are committed to ensuring that everyone can have the best start in life, and go as far as their talents and hard work can take them. That is why I am pleased that in May the Government announced £50 million funding to expand the number of places at good or outstanding selective schools, which will provide greater opportunities for disadvantaged pupils. In all, 1.9 million more children are now being taught in good or outstanding schools since 2010, while the percentage of schools rated as good or outstanding has risen by 18 per cent.


Dept of Education wants teacher and parent feedback on behaviour

The Department for Education wants to hear from teachers, staff and parents on managing behaviour and discipline in schools, including the use of mobile phones.

It's part of our continuing drive to raise standards and make sure all pupils can thrive in the classroom.

A hour to skill

The Government has launched  ‘An Hour to Skill’, a new campaign supported by leading businesses and educational institutions, to encourage the nation to set aside just one hour a week for online learning, by taking a free course from The Skills Toolkit. ​

Have your say on local SEND strategy

Staffordshire County Council and the local NHS CCGs are working to improve the ways that children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are being supported in our area.

Odd Socks Day!

Today kicks off Anti-Bullying Week so the team are wearing odd socks!

It's a Odd Socks Day, a day when people are encouraged to wear odd socks, an inexpensive way to look very different and a reminder for us all to celebrate what makes us unique. 

Rawlett School - Parliament Week

Thank you Rawlett School for inviting me to your whole school assembly this week to talk about U.K. Parliament Week.

College/Sixth Form Students Wanted - APP Programme

The Social Mobility Foundation is once again running the Aspiring Professionals Programme (APP) for high achieving, motivated and ambitious college and sixth form students in our area.