Support Our NHS

Demand for the NHS only continues to rise, and as the population ages, there are a growing number of widespread chronic conditions which will be increasingly expensive and challenging to address, without a credible and effective plan to fund the NHS and social care. 
As I am sure you are aware, the Prime Minister recently announced the Government's intention to provide the NHS with an additional £20.5 billion by 2023/24. This new investment is extremely welcome, and I hope you agree it demonstrates the Government's commitment to properly funding our NHS and public services. 
Alongside this, the NHS is expected to come up with a ten year plan to demonstrate how it will continue to improve patient care, offer world-class services, and increase productivity, which is so important in a taxpayer funded healthcare system. This will be further supported by a £10 billion programme of capital investment, to help the NHS build world-class infrastructure, as well as additional support for social care services.
The recent Budget sets out the precise details of how the Government can fully fund this investment and ensures that the NHS is financially sustainable in the long run. It is essential that our public services are supported by a strong and healthy economy, and I have every faith that the Government will foster the growth and economic dynamism the NHS needs to thrive.
I am proud of the Government's recent record on the NHS. Despite difficult financial circumstances, NHS investment has increased every year since 2010, and I believe this new investment will help to secure the NHS for the future.


See the latest on the George Bryan Hospital which I am fighting to keep open after the disastrous fire.


Corona Virus Update

This morning a further 32 patients in England had tested positive for Covid-19.  Twenty nine of those patients had recently travelled from affected countries or from recognised clusters under investigation.  Three are still unclear but the NHS continues to investigate.  The total number of confir

Faster access to cannabis-based medicines

Following some large campaigns about children's health care last year, a good number of residents lobbied me to contact the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to ask for better access to cannabis-based medicines where there is a proven record of these medicines assisting people.

Pharmacy First - Launched!

Pharmacy First - a new project aimed at easing pressures on A&E and GP appointments was launched over the weekend.

New Macmillan Service

It is fantastic to see Macmillan Cancer Support launching a new service which will enable anyone and support from day one of their cancer diagnosis and support from day one of their cancer journey.

Macmillan will be offering assistance covering topics like:

Dementia Friendly Screenings in Lichfield

Calling all carers - Lichfield Garrick Theatre has secured funding to continue their scheme of showing dementia friendly screenings through the theatre's new cinema facility.

NHS changes to support staff

From April, new rules will be enforced for NHS staff.  Currently staff can refused to treat any non-critical care patients who are verbally or physically aggressive towards them.

New funding for GP Surgeries

Today the Government has announced an additional £1.5bn funding boost for GP services, which will deliver more doctors, nurses and more appointments, ensuring that patients and their families have fast access to the medical support they need.

Casework Report - January

Now that I have been re-elected, I wanted to get back to providing monthly casework reports.  It helps local people gain a better insight about the topics that residents are raising with me throughout the month.

Self Assessment Deadline Tomorrow

Year after year HMRC receive some bizarre and imaginative excuses as well as unusual expense claims following the Jan 31 Self Assessment Deadline.