Support Our NHS

Demand for the NHS only continues to rise, and as the population ages, there are a growing number of widespread chronic conditions which will be increasingly expensive and challenging to address, without a credible and effective plan to fund the NHS and social care. 
As I am sure you are aware, the Prime Minister recently announced the Government's intention to provide the NHS with an additional £20.5 billion by 2023/24. This new investment is extremely welcome, and I hope you agree it demonstrates the Government's commitment to properly funding our NHS and public services. 
Alongside this, the NHS is expected to come up with a ten year plan to demonstrate how it will continue to improve patient care, offer world-class services, and increase productivity, which is so important in a taxpayer funded healthcare system. This will be further supported by a £10 billion programme of capital investment, to help the NHS build world-class infrastructure, as well as additional support for social care services.
The recent Budget sets out the precise details of how the Government can fully fund this investment and ensures that the NHS is financially sustainable in the long run. It is essential that our public services are supported by a strong and healthy economy, and I have every faith that the Government will foster the growth and economic dynamism the NHS needs to thrive.
I am proud of the Government's recent record on the NHS. Despite difficult financial circumstances, NHS investment has increased every year since 2010, and I believe this new investment will help to secure the NHS for the future.


See the latest on the George Bryan Hospital which I am fighting to keep open after the disastrous fire.


Consultation on visitation in care homes and hospitals

During the pandemic a number of people had difficulty visiting their loved ones in care homes and hospices. Regulations during the pandemic were focussed on stopping the spread of the virus and so tried to minimise contact to try to save lives.

Consultation on the future of the George Bryan Centre

The Consultation to find a long-term solution for the inpatient mental health services which were previously provided at the George Bryan Centre has now opened.

The consultation will run until 23 March and you can participate in a number of ways:

Researching cancer vaccines

Yesterday the Government announced a new partnership with BioNtech to boost research into cancer vaccines, transforming outcomes for cancer patients and strengthening the United Kingdom’s position as a global leader in life sciences. 

View From the House - June

June saw the wonderful, unique Platinum Jubilee celebration. I had a tremendous time over the long weekend and it was wonderful to see the country come together in festive spirit and unity to pay our respects to our Queen.

Nominating our NHS for an award

I was delighted to nominate our local NHS for an national award.  The Midlands NHS Partnership Foundation Trust NHS Digital Team have been doing some fantastic work and have succeeded in becoming regional winners in the NHS Parliamentary Awards.

AEDs in the home campaign

It was fantastic to have Benjamin Culff from Tamworth in Parliament this week to show Parliamentarians how lives are saved by AED’s.

His own personal story is testament to the vital importance of getting these lifesavers into our homes.

Nominate a carer

Carers work hard and whilst their work does not go unnoticed, it is nice to be able to give back from time to time and recognise the work, empathy and fantastic levels of support they provide.

Meeting with survivor of sudden cardiac arrest

Christopher Pincher, Conservative MP for Tamworth meets with local constituent Benjamin Culff, who suffered a cardiac arrest at work, to discuss lifesaving defibrillator campaign