Reducing Loneliness in the elderly - Seniors Fair

Update: Following the success of the initial fair, I am running the event again this year.

I hope to run the event again in Autumn at St Editha's Church.  So keep an eye out for the date once it's confirmed.

Anybody can pop along! It's a free event. 

If you would like to be considered for a stall or want to present, let me know - spaces are limited inside the church but I will do all I can to accommodate all.   

I especially want to hear from social groups and those who employ the older generations, the more connections our older generation and build and re-build, the better! 


------2021 info------

Over the course of several months I have been surveying constituents over the age of 65 to find out how they have coped in lockdown.  There were plenty of positives, with many telling me that they had good familial support networks, but for those who didn’t just over half told me that they weren’t aware of local assistance. 

There was also a sense of loss for those face to face interactions and the opportunity to meet new people.  I know organisations across Tamworth and the villages have done their best to continue to provide services in these tough times, but as our society begins to reopen, I feel it is important to start rebuilding that sense of connection in our community and to help those who have never considered it before, to look into local services, groups, activities, education and fun!

I am keen to create a positive atmosphere focussed on helping Seniors get the most out of the support available to them, whilst also recognising the difficulties we all face as we get older.  

I hope to run a Senior's Fair in August 2021.  The aim is to create a mix of services, bringing in both local authorities and charities, as well as social groups and activity centres so local people can take a look, engage and sign up to anything that interests them quickly and easily in the centre of Tamworth.

If you are a local organisation that would like to participate - let me know and I will do my best to try to accommodate you.  I would love to hear from any local social, educational, fitness or support group that can help people aged 65+

Invites to residents will be going out soon. Let's bounce back from the pandemic with a more joined up, friendly, supportive and cohesive society for all. 

I look forward to seeing everyone there! 


Consultation on visitation in care homes and hospitals

During the pandemic a number of people had difficulty visiting their loved ones in care homes and hospices. Regulations during the pandemic were focussed on stopping the spread of the virus and so tried to minimise contact to try to save lives.

Neighbourhood Watch Week

It's Neighbourhood Watch Week and this year Neighbourhood Watch is 40 years old. 

Call Blockers for Vulnerable

A call blocker can stop up to 95% of unwanted calls and nuisance scams coming through to a vulnerable person.  It is a handheld device that sits between your home phone and wall socket installed by the Trading Standards team.

Senior's Fair a great success

Over the last year so many of our neighbours have found it difficult to cope during the long periods of isolation during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  And yet there is so much to do on offer here in Tamworth.

View from the House - Tamworth

Last month as I wrote my column, Tamworth was cheering our British team in Tokyo – and what a fantastic Olympic Games our whole team had. The GB Paralympic team are now in Japan, and with these Games underway, we will all be cheering them on with the same energy and enthusiasm.