Promote The Right Development

Everybody needs a place to live and this Government is committed to trying to fix the housing market. For many, property prices have become unattainable and it is important to keep building new, quality homes to meet this need. 

As part of the Government's plan to build the homes people need, it provided a multi-billion-pound boost to social housing in June, alongside a £28 million package of funding to reduce homelessness and rough sleeping so that people on the streets have an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

However, with that new housing comes the need to provide the infrastructure and I work closely with our local councillors to ensure that this is provided. 


I have already had some success as I along with other MPs have been lobbying for more clarity on how developer money is spent to benefit the community. 

From the 1st of September 2019, all Councils have to detail this information.  This does not quite tackle the issue over fair deals for housing developments built on constituency and local authority borders but is a step in the right direction.  I will keep plugging away at this issue so if developments are build just outside of our patch, our community does receive some positive benefits from anything approved by neighbouring authorities.


Developer's cash to the community to be revealed

Local people will soon be able to see how every pound of property developers’ cash, levied on new buildings, is spent supporting the new homes their community needs, thanks to new rules coming into force on September 1st 2019.

The future of the Friary Grange Leisure Centre

The future of the Friary Grange Leisure Centre in Lichfield will be discussed at a special Cabinet meeting at the Lichfield Garrick Theatre on Monday 7 October at 6pm.

At the meeting attendees will hear from local people and groups before the Council Cabinet debates the issue.

The Public Procurement Review Service

From time to time, businesses approach me raising concerns about public sector contracts.  The most frequent complaint is of course, late payments.

Central heating support

The Staffordshire Warmer Homes initiative has just launched in Tamworth. The initiative aims to install fully funded first time central heating systems into eligible homes across Staffordshire.

Increased housing funding

Christopher Pincher has welcomed the Government’s announcement that more than £25 million will be allocated to 108 areas across the country, including in Lichfield.

Help to buy supporting local people

Nearly 600 families in Tamworth and over a thousand in Lichfield have been able to realise their dream of home ownership thanks to the government’s help to buy schemes, new figures out on 30 April 2019 show.

Zoopla ending 'no dss' adverts

Late last week the property firm Zoopla announced that it will be removing 'no DSS' wording in their rental listings.  This is in response to pressure being put on estate agents to stop blanket restrictions on renters who receive housing benefit support.

Electrical safety for renters

Tough new rules for electrical inspections in private rented properties have been announced today.  The rules will offer greater protection for tenants.