Promote The Right Development

Everybody needs a place to live and this Government is committed to trying to fix the housing market. For many, property prices have become unattainable and it is important to keep building new, quality homes to meet this need. 

As part of the Government's plan to build the homes people need, it provided a multi-billion-pound boost to social housing in June, alongside a £28 million package of funding to reduce homelessness and rough sleeping so that people on the streets have an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

However, with that new housing comes the need to provide the infrastructure and I work closely with our local councillors to ensure that this is provided. 

I have already had some success as I along with others who have been lobbying for more clarity on how developer money is spent to benefit the community. 

From the 1st of September 2019, all Councils have to detail this information.  This does not quite tackle the issue over fair deals for housing developments built on constituency and local authority borders but is a step in the right direction.  I will keep plugging away at this issue so if developments are build just outside of our patch, our community does receive some positive benefits from anything approved by neighbouring authorities.


Community Ownership Funding available

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities has announced that Round 3 of the £150 million Community Ownership Fund is now open for expressions of interest.

The Big Plastic Count

A number of residents have contacted me to let me know they are participating in the big plastic count - good luck to them all!

Highways Update - Fixing potholes

Potholes are a problem and something I unfortunately have to raise regularly with the Staffordshire County Council Highways Team.  The team have been setting out to improve communication with residents, improve their reporting mechanisms so work isn't 'doubled up' and now that the winter maintena

Back our bid for railway HQ!

Tamworth Borough Council has prepared an expression of interest for the town to be the new HQ of Great British Railways.

The town is well connected, has a long history and heritage and with the town centre regeneration going on, GBR HQ would make a fantastic addition.

Opening ilke homes offices

Yesterday I had the pleasure of welcoming Ilke Homes to their new offices.

The company is a pioneer of modular housing with aims to develop properties for both the pubic and private sector. 

Thoughts on the 'Raw Sewage' vote...

There has been recent, but misleading, coverage of the Government’s decision to overturn a defective amendment to the Environment Bill related to sewage discharges from storm overflows.

Visiting Anker Valley School

All of you living in the local area will have seen development of homes on the rise, but it is important that alongside those homes, infrastructure is also put in place to support residents living in and near to the development.

Local biz going green? Tell SSLEP about your journey

The SSLEP Is working with the Cabinet Office to develop great examples of how Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent businesses are making a real difference; to their business, to their customers, to their community, to the planet and to energy bills by cutting greenhouse emissions.