Keeping Tamworth Strong through Covid19

The outbreak of Covid19 affected just about every resident in Tamworth and the villages, I have been doing what I can to keep Tamworth on track, retain jobs, support those who have lost work, boost access to testing and care, helping schools reopen and ensure that everybody has a roof over their head to reduce transmission of the virus. 

In my role as Housing Minister I have also paved the way for the housing and building market to get back to work, assisted with the local resilience forums across the United Kingdom and encouraging landlords and tenants to work together during the pandemic. 

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Consultation on visitation in care homes and hospitals

During the pandemic a number of people had difficulty visiting their loved ones in care homes and hospices. Regulations during the pandemic were focussed on stopping the spread of the virus and so tried to minimise contact to try to save lives.

Visiting Lloyds Haulage

On Friday I had the opportunity to visit Lloyds Transport and Warehousing in Relay Drive. 

Testing in care homes

A number have written to me raising concerns about the end of free testing and effect on care homes.

View From the House - March

When I went to Kiev in September 2019 on my first overseas visit as Europe Minister, two things struck me. First, I saw the deep pride that the Ukrainian people have in their national identity. They had fought long and hard to be recognised as a free people.

View From the House - February

As I sit down to write this month’s edition of View from the House, I can see the Defence Secretary Ben Wallace MP in the Commons Chamber updating MPs on the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.

View From the House - September

September means the start of the school year with mums and dads packing their children off to school to renew or make new friends.  In Parliament we are back in session and getting on with the job we were elected to do.

View From the House - July

As I write this month’s column, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is on TV in the background - I know Tamworth is united behind all our athletes in Team GB. It has been a great start to the week with the first medals coming through, including for Staffordshire’s own Adam Peaty with more to come!

Commonwealth Trading Event

With a year to go until the Commonwealth Games comes to the Midlands, the Department for International Trade wants businesses to explore their options for trading with our Commonwealth partners.

Ending restrictions

Last night the Prime Minister set out what rules and restrictions we can shed and how we can return to a new normality from July 19th. This is Step 4 of the COVID Recovery Roadmap and the final decision on its go ahead will take place on July 12th.