Improving The Welfare Benefits System

Getting benefits right is a concern of mine, the benefit system is there as a safety net for those who need support and should not be abused.  However it is also important that for benefit claimants, the system is actually helping, not hindering their progress. 

I have particular interest in seeking improvements to the Universal Credit system which is replacing so many welfare benefits.  Helping people help themselves is key and I will share resident feedback with the Department to help make the system better.


The Spring Budget 2023

Despite enormous global challenges the economy here in the United Kingdom is proving the doubters wrong.  The Chancellor has had to make difficult decisions but the decisions he made as he stepped up to the role have allowed him to restore stability, avoid recession and to focus on growth once ag

Changes to support for mortgage interest

Early last year a resident wrote to me after they had fallen on hard times, they lost their job and suddenly found themselves claiming benefit for the first time whilst juggling a mortgage.

Fixing the 'double wage' issue - Universal Credit

Since the introduction of Universal Credit, while many have found the system helpful, easy to navigate and useful if income fluctuates - however there have been some constituents who faced challenges, particularly for individuals paid a wage every four weeks.

Reminder - Tax Credits Deadline

Reminder for residents - it is tax credit renewal time. If you are claiming tax credits you should have received your renewal pack by now.  This pack tells you how to renew your tax credits and allows you to update your information. 

Changes to Universal Credit

A number of residents have contacted the office with concerns over Universal Credit payments not being as expected.

New support for working parents

A number of working parents have made contact with me about challenges faced with care while they are furloughed.

I and other MPs have been putting forward feedback on this issue and I am pleased to say that some changes are being made.

Staffordshire to move to Tier 2 Covid19 alert

Staffordshire will soon be moving from 'Medium' to the 'High' in the Covid19 alert levels system. Dates will be confirmed shortly but it is expected that by next week, our status will have changed. 

Over 1000 food parcels delivered by Staffs CC

Christopher Pincher MP congratulates County Council on delivering the 1,000th food parcel to the vulnerable

Speaking to the Tamworth Herald, Christopher Pincher MP said:

More local and national help for business

Today the Chancellor announced a new 'bounce back' loans scheme.  This is a 100% Government backed loan scheme which will enable small businesses borrow up to £50,000 and access the cash within days.