Improving The Welfare Benefits System

Getting benefits right is a concern of mine, the benefit system is there as a safety net for those who need support and should not be abused.  However it is also important that for benefit claimants, the system is actually helping, not hindering their progress. 

I have particular interest in seeking improvements to the Universal Credit system which is replacing so many welfare benefits.  Helping people help themselves is key and I will share resident feedback with the Department to help make the system better.


Funding won for Changing Places

Changing Places toilets are disabled toilets with additional equipment such as hoists, adult sized benches and larger spaces which allow people to maintain their dignity while they are out and about.

Increased Parental Bereavement Leave

Today new regulations were laid out in Parliament for parents who suffer the loss of a child.  From April of this year they will be entitled to two weeks statutory bereavement leave. 

Govt wants YOUR budget ideas

The Government will soon be delivering its first Spring Budget.  The Budget is currently scheduled for 11th March 2020.

Additional support for homeless people

The Government announced today that it is allocating a further £3 million of new funding to help the job centre increase the levels of support they are able to provide to homeless people.

The Queens Speech

Today's queen's speech reaffirmed that the NHS is our number one priority which is why we will become the first ever Government to enshrine the increased NHS budget of an extra £33.9 billion per year into law.

The Queen's Speech also set out our plans to:

Changes to PIP on the horizon

The Queen's Speech today set out the Government's aim to transform the lives of disabled people by ensuring that they have access to opportunities and are able to reach their full potential.  A National Strategy for Disabled People in 2020 to ensure disabled people can lead a life of fulfilment. 

Thank you for your support!

I would like to thank the people of Tamworth and surrounding villages for supporting me in the recent election.

Thank you especially to the Returning Officer, elections team and local police who helped ensure we could all cast our votes and that election day ran smoothly.

A change to UC deductions

A number of you have written in to me with concerns over heavy deductions of benefit whilst claiming Universal Credit.

UC changes to help parents

Some of you know through my correspondence that I have been lobbying the Government to improve how childcare is reported and paid for under the new Universal Credit system.