Improving Tamworth Town Centre

I am working with local traders and the local authority to make ambitious plans for our town centre a reality.  I back enterprise partnerships and am in support of Tamworth's bid for Future High Street Funding.

I hope that the local high street can soon provide a better leisure offer with more things to do and more restaurant style eateries, a greater variety of independent shops, provision for offices, housing and meeting spaces, boosting market footfall, whilst keeping the town centre clean and accessible for all.

If you have an idea to re-vitalise Tamworth Town Centre, please give your feedback in the Tamworth What's Next? Campaign by clicking here


St Editha's Trees

One of the big discussion points yesterday was the felling of two trees in St Editha's Square.  These trees have been in the Square for many years as shoppers, business owners and tourists are aware.

The future of our local CAB

There has been a lot of confusion about the future of the Citizen's Advice Bureau service whcih currently operates from within the Tamworth Borough Council buildings on Lichfield Street.

Tough new powers to tackle unauthorised emcampments

If you have lived in Tamworth or Lichfield for a while, you will know that during summer there are a number of travelling families who pass through the area, some for work, some for weddings and family get-togethers and some simply looking to enjoy the sights and entertainment that our area provi

Have your say on Tamworth Town Centre

The success of Tamworth town centre is a top priority for the local Council but they accept that the high street is changing and the role of town centres is different to what it used to be.

December recycling bin changes

While most people write to me about national issues, a number of residents have been contacting my office about their recycling bins lately.

Tamworth and Lichfield have a joint waste collection service and are doing what they can to ensure as much waste is recycled as possible.

Pavement Parking and Guide Dogs

During Party Conference I had the opportunity to speak with the charity Guide Dogs UK  about the challenges pavement parked cars create for blind and partially sighted people, who may have to risk their safety by walking into the road just to get by.  

Snowbility Launches at Tamworth Snowdome

Tamworth Snowdome recently launched a new project, called Snowbility.  I was fortunate enough to meet Richard Fetherston  the brainchild of the project in Westminster today. 

No 82 bus

Last month I had held a public surgery in Clifton Campville, this was shortly followed by some concerns being raised over the future of the No82 bus service.