Improving Tamworth Town Centre

I am working with local traders and the local authority to make ambitious plans for our town centre a reality.  I back enterprise partnerships and am in support of Tamworth's bid for Future High Street Funding.

I hope that the local high street can soon provide a better leisure offer with more things to do and more restaurant style eateries, a greater variety of independent shops, provision for offices, housing and meeting spaces, boosting market footfall, whilst keeping the town centre clean and accessible for all.

If you have an idea to re-vitalise Tamworth Town Centre, please give your feedback in the Tamworth What's Next? Campaign by clicking here


Pre-Charge Bail consultation

Today the Home Secretary launched a consultation pre-charge bail to see what the wider public think of the idea.

Casework Report - January

Now that I have been re-elected, I wanted to get back to providing monthly casework reports.  It helps local people gain a better insight about the topics that residents are raising with me throughout the month.

Free Cyber Security Training For Businesses

One of the crime issues I am seeing more and more in my casework, is a rise in fraud and cyber crime.  Part of addressing and responding to this is being aware of where flaws may be, either through software and hardware or even through day to day social engineering.

Household Flooding Insurance Support

Flooding is an issue for some of our residents, particularly those in low-lying rural parts of the constituency, near to streams and the rivers.  That is why it is one of my priorities for the area.  It is important to build upon and improve our flood defences and ensure that those are in place a

X-rays in more prisons

During the election a key issue a number of residents raised with me was cracking down on drugs and weapons in prisons.  This is an issue I know the Prime Minister as well as the Prison Service are keen to resolve.

Arts funding open

Sometimes people contact me suggesting there is not enough art in Tamworth, well now is your chance to make some changes.

The Creative People and Places Fund 2020-2024 is now open to new places across England and Tamworth is one of the areas where you can apply for funding!

Keep Tamworth Tidy

Today I had the opportunity to support Keep Britain Tidy's campaign.  The group are running the 'Great British Spring Clean' from 20th March - 13th April 2020.  I got to meet their mascot - a womble!

Update on Mile Oak Development

A number of people have recently contacted me about the propose Mile Oak development within the Lichfield Local Plan.  I have written directly to the Chief Executive of behalf of residents and I enclose a copy of my letter for your reference.  I have tried to include as many of the concerns raise

Serious Offenders To Spend Longer In Prison

Today Parliament discussed legislation that will end the automatic half-way release for offenders sentenced for serious crimes such as rape, manslaughter, murder and GBH.  Instead all prisoners with serious offences will be made to spend two-thirds of their sentence in prison before being subject