Improving Tamworth Town Centre

I am working with local traders and the local authority to make ambitious plans for our town centre a reality.  I back enterprise partnerships and am in support of Tamworth's bid for Future High Street Funding.

I hope that the local high street can soon provide a better leisure offer with more things to do and more restaurant style eateries, a greater variety of independent shops, provision for offices, housing and meeting spaces, boosting market footfall, whilst keeping the town centre clean and accessible for all.

If you have an idea to re-vitalise Tamworth Town Centre, please give your feedback in the Tamworth What's Next? Campaign by clicking here


Tiffin Cup Venue nominated - Champagne Tamworth

Thank you to everybody who put forward their views on the best curry house in Tamworth. It was great to see the fantastic culinary talent across our town and the varied dishes that so many residents recommended.

Barclays to offer services at Offa House

Barclays Bank on St Editha’s Square closes this week. Although there is construction work going on in the square to build a college directly opposite the bank, Barclays UK felt that there was not enough regular footfall within their Tamworth store to remain open.

Neighbourhood Watch Week

It's Neighbourhood Watch Week and this year Neighbourhood Watch is 40 years old. 

Blue bag introduction

Over the next couple of weeks the last of the blue bags will be rolled out across the town.

The recycling is changing to encourage separation of paper and cardboard into a bag rather than a bin to prevent the paper getting contaminated. 

New Signage in the Castle Grounds

New signage has been erected in the Castle Grounds, if you haven't been for a wander for a while - now is a good time.

Back our bid for railway HQ!

Tamworth Borough Council has prepared an expression of interest for the town to be the new HQ of Great British Railways.

The town is well connected, has a long history and heritage and with the town centre regeneration going on, GBR HQ would make a fantastic addition.

View From the House - February

As I sit down to write this month’s edition of View from the House, I can see the Defence Secretary Ben Wallace MP in the Commons Chamber updating MPs on the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.

View from the House - March

This month we saw the first phase of the Prime Minister’s road map out of lockdown reached, as our schools and colleges returned on the 8th March.